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6th August 2018

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16th April 2016

BMC Luna Competition Winner

Lucky winner of our customer only competition

                                               Leo Armstrong...

Lucky winner of our customer only competition

"Thanks so much for my new ‘lifesaver’ machine" - You're welcome Leo - Enjoy!!

4th April 2016

CPAP Sales - Customer only Competition winner

Lucky winner of our customer only competition


1st April 2016


BOGOF CPAP Mask Sale - Buy One, Get One Free - for a limited time only.

CPAP Masks - Buy One - Get One Free - for a limited time only


29th February 2016

BMC Luna 3.5 Auto - Independent Sound Level Test

 In February 2016, an independent company specialising in sound and vibration was asked to test the noise level of five (5) new CPAP devices at their premises in Sydney.

All CPAP Machines were set to the same pressure level (10cmH20) and the sound was measured at the same distance of 1metre. 

The CPAP Machines tested were;

  • Resmed Airsense S10
  • Philips DeamStation
  • Transcend II Travel
  • BMC Resmart
  • BMC Luna 3.5

Of the five (5) CPAP Machines tested, the BMC Luna 3.5 Auto produced the lowest noise.

BMC Luna-Intro Video