Why are your prices so low


Why are your prices to low?

As an analogy, it is like purchasing a generic brand of medicine instead of a more well known brand.


Actually, the better question might be 'why are other prices so high?'

Some CPAP outlets only offer expensive brands. $2,500 for an Auto machine with humidifier or $1,599 for a fixed pressure CPAP machine with humidifier. Then you typically have to pay another $279~299 for a mask.

Why so expensive? Good Question. 


Why are CPAP machine prices so high at a Sleep Clinic?

In my experience, this relates to a lack of choice. They offer the most expensive machines because they make the most money from you.

This is an actual quote from a QLD Sleep Clinic when asked why they did not stock BMC products;

"I would need to sell 2 devices to make the same profit as selling one Resmed machine, thus increasing the patient load for less margin."


I don't need a Rolls Royce, a Holden will be fine. What are the options?

OK, how about BMC CPAP Machines? Made in China by one of the largest CPAP manufacturers there with worldwide distribution.

For more details about BMC, please visit their web site here.


Made in China?

Yes, I know, I was sceptical to start with too.

First(?) it was England, then Japan, then South Korea and now it is China's turn.

My iPhone is made in China. So is my TV, DVD Player, Computer, Microwave and my CPAP machine!.

Made in China? Yes, I can live with that (and I do, every day, and every night)


In my opinion

As long as as it does the job, what's wrong with affordable, effective sleep apnea therapy without the expensive price tag?


Why buy on-line?

Well, it's not for everyone, but why not?

It is the way of the future, and quite often more convenient than all the cost and hassle of 'traditional shopping'.

This means our prices and overheads are much lower than traditional “bricks and mortar” shops.

This enables us to work efficiently and offer the lowest priced CPAP products Australia wide, with FREE shipping and very quick delivery.


Can I visit you to view and try before I buy?

Yes, absolutely.

Whilst we do specialise in on-line sales, we also offer appointments for customers to visit, view and try different models of machines and masks we have in stock. We can even visit you at home in the Sydney area to demonstrate and assist with the purchase in the comfort of your own home. (conditions and charges of $150 per visit apply for this in-home service)


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