Sleep Therapy Software


Windows Sleep Therapy Software

Most manufacturers provide Windows based Sleep Therapy Software. Often it is not made available to the end user.

We provide BMC and Transcend Sleep Therapy Software (together with data cable where needed) free of charge in selected packages.

The BMC Sleep Therapy Software and Data Cable can also be purchased separately here.


Apple/Mac Sleep Therapy Software

We are not aware of any manufacturers offering an Apple/Mac version of their Sleep Therapy Software.

According to our research, there are a couple of popular options (free and paid) that have been developed to run Windows based programs on Apple/Mac computers.


1.       Winebottler - Free (with option to make a donation)

Watch a Youtube video explaining how to install and use Winebottler


2.       Crossover – Free 14 day trial. US$59.95 after trial period ends


There are other options including Parallels which enables a full Windows Operating System to be installed on an Apple/Mac computer. This is probably an overkill and is the most expensive option at around AS$100 plus the cost of the Windows OS.



We have not used and do not endorse any of the above products. We are just providing this information to help out Apple/Mac users.


Other Options for Apple/Mac users

a) Install the Windows based Sleep Therapy Software on a relative or friends Windows computer.

b) Send you machine to us and we will set up and/or download the data and provide the report for you.

(Admin and Shipping Fees may apply for this service)


  • Last updated 25th November 2015
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