Sleep Therapy Data


After using the BMC CPAP/APAP machine, you can review the sleep therapy data, as follows;

With the CPAP/APAP Machine in standby mode (no airflow), press the Ramp button.

 Use the arrow left or right arrow buttons to scroll through the data. Press the red start/stop button to exit the review.


What do the numbers mean?

The BMC range of CPAP and AUTO machines stores a comprehensive range of sleep therapy information.


Avg. Daily Compliance (H:M):

The time in hours and minutes that the patient used the device for sleep therapy.


Average P95:

The auto machine was operating at this pressure or less for 95 percent of the time.


Mean Pressure:

The mean pressure level delivered by the machine.



AHI stands for Apnea / Hypopnea Index. 

The apnea–hypopnea index (AHI) is an index of sleep apnea severity that combines apneas and hypopneas. The apneas (pauses in breathing) must last for at least 10 seconds and are associated with a decrease in blood oxygenation. 

The AHI is calculated by dividing the number of events by the number of hours of sleep. (AHI values are typically categorized as 5–15/hr = mild; 15–30/hr = moderate; and > 30/h = severe.)

So if you slept for 10 hours (wouldn't that be nice) and your AHI reading was 1.0, then you would have experienced 10 apnea events during your sleep.

Anything under AHI = 5.0 (that is 5 apnea events per hour) is the benchmark, and it is considered that your sleep apnea is under control.



Snore Index (SNI), represents the mean snore count per hour.


Do BMC CPAP/APAP Machines store more detailed information?

Yes. The full history of your sleep therapy information can be uploaded to a windows based computer for more detailed analysis.

You can do this yourself by purchasing the BMC RESmart software and data cable.

You can also use this software to provide a report to your sleep specialist for analysis and to discuss your progress.


RESmart Sleep Therapy Software (Click image below to download sample report)

RESmart Sleep Therap Data - Screenshot


Will my Sleep Specialist have this software ?

Hopefully yes, but if not we will provide the software free of charge upon the request of a health care professional.

Last updated 3rd August 2013

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