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Why are CPAP machine prices so high at A Sleep Clinic?

In my experience, this relates to a lack of choice. They offer the most expensive machines because they make the most money from you.

This is an actual quote from a QLD Sleep Clinic when asked why they did not stock BMC products;

"I would need to sell 2 devices to make the same profit as selling one Resmed machine, thus increasing the patient load for less margin."


Where can I find a list of sleep clinics?

Please click on this link to visit Sleep Disorders Australia website for a list of clinics.

Note: There maybe others not on their list, but it is a good starting point.


Can you recommend a sleep clinic?

We do not have any affiliation to any sleep clinic and cannot recommend one over another.


What should I look for in a sleep clinic?

Whichever sleep clinic you choose, make sure they arrange for you to receive a copy of your doctor’s prescription.

Once you have your doctor’s prescription, you have the power to shop around for the best deal.


I have been asked to trial a machine before I buy. Do I need to do this?

Once you have been confirmed as having Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) CPAP therapy is the best form of treatment.

Trialling a machine can be a good idea, but is not mandatory or essential. Basically all CPAP Machines are going to provide you with CPAP therapy that is going to meet your needs. Trailing a variety of masks can be helpful, but can sometimes be confusing.


Which Brand of Machine should I buy?

This is totally your choice. Shop around first !

The brand of machine you end up with is often the same as the one you trial. So if you are offered a trial, please make sure;

  • you understand the price of the machine and mask they are offering.
  • it is within your budget.
  • it is providing you value for money.

You may be asked to pay over $100 for a trial of an automatic machine and then they may try to sell you one of the most expensive brands on the market for around $2500 plus mask of $300.

If you are the kind of person where money is no object, then you are probably driving around in a luxury car and this price is not going to be an issue for you.


Before you commit to a sleep study with any sleep clinic, please ask;

  • what is the full procedure?
  • what are the associated costs for all the steps?
  • will you be provided with a prescription to choose ANY brand of machine and mask that you want?


Can I choose the brand of CPAP Machine to buy?

Yes. Definately.

It is like going to the pharmacy with a prescription for medication. The doctor may specify a particular brand because this is what they are familar with, but actually the chemist will ask if you would like to save money by selecting a 'generic' brand.

Last updated 3rd February 2017

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