BMC / Resmed Comparison

We understand that health care for Sleep Apnea patients can be traumatic and expensive. The latest BMC Luna machines are a great alternative to Resmed CPAP for a fraction of the price.We firmly believe that the BMC brand is an excellent alternative with similar features, for a much lower price.

How do BMC Machines features compare to Resmed?

BMC Machine features are similar to Resmed. The latest BMC Luna Machines are a great alternative for a fraction of the price.

BMC CPAP / Auto / BPAP Machines provide affordable, effective sleep apnea therapy with a 3 year Warranty!

Of five (5) CPAP Machines independently tested recently (including the Resmed S10 and the Philips DreamStation) the BMC Luna 3.5 Auto produced the lowest noise.


BMC Luna - Now with a 3 year warranty


Do you have a Feature Comparison Chart?

Yes. The table below compares the main features of the BMC Luna Auto Machine against the ResMed Airsense S10 Auto.

BMC / Resmed Comparison Chart
Details BMC Luna Auto Resmed S10
Mode of Operation Tri-Mode: CPAP/APAP/TITRATION Dual Mode: CPAP / APAP
Minimum Pressure 4cmH20 4cmH20
Maximum Pressure 20cmH20 20cmH20
Ramp Time 0 ~ 60 minutes 0 ~ 60 minutes
Humidifier Option Yes - included Yes - included but cannot be removed
Humidifier Water Chamber Easy clean water tank Can take apart for cleaning
Heated Humidifier Temperature 0 ~ 5 0 ~ 6 or 16~30oC
Heated Hose Optional extra at $149 if required Usually supplied as standard
Automatic Airflow ON Enabled or Disabled Can only enable or disable both together
Automatic Airflow OFF Enabled or Disabled
Display Light Auto, On or Off Auto Only
Mask Removal Alert Enabled or Disabled as Option Not Available
Sound Level (Tested by independent lab in Australia) 30dB 34dB
Exhalation Pressure Relief Reslex (0~3) EPR (0~3)
Hose Air dry for 15 minutes Enabled or Disabled as Option On only
Apnea Response Sensitivity 1 (slow) ~ 5 (fast) Not Available
iCodes for remote sleep reports Enabled or Disabled as Option Not Available
SD Chip / Data Card 4GB SD Card 2GB SD Card
On screen review of sleep data Comprehensive data available Comprehensive data available
Software for Review of Sleep Data Included free with BMC Luna Machines Not usually available to patients
Carry Bag Supplied Supplied
Air Filter 2 supplied 1 supplied
Power Supply Separate Power Supply and cable Separate Power Supply and cable
Country of Manufacture China Singapore or Australia

3 years on Machine and Humidifier. 90 Days on all Accessories.

2 years on Machine, 1 year on Humidifier. 90 Days on all Accessories.
Machine with Humidifier Price $1,098~$1,297 including delivery $1,999~ $2,499 No delivery option
Mask Price Extra $100 ~ $199 on top of machine price Extra $279~$299 on top of machine price
Internet Purchase Yes Not permitted by Resmed
Free Nationwide Delivery Yes Not usually

Comparison info supplied in good faith. If any errors or omissions, please contact us so we can review and amend as necessary.

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Resmed, S9, S10, Airsense and EPR are registered trademarks of Resmed.

Philips and DreamStation are registered trademarks of Philips/Respironics.


Would I be happy with a BMC Machine?

We think so, and so do our existing customers!
Over the last 3 years, survey responses from our existing customer have shown;
  • 94% of existing customers would be at least very likely to recommend BMC CPAP Machines to others.

89% of customers surveyed BMC CPAP represents value for money             98% of customers surveyed would recommend CPAP Sales


  • Last updated 13th May 2016
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