BMC RESmart CPAP Machine with Humidifier and 1 BMC Mask

  • Model: CP10HM1
  • Brand : BMC


CPAP Mode (Fixed Pressure)
Heated humidifier Included
Minimum Pressure 4cmH20
Maximum Pressure 20cmH20
Exhalation Pressure Relief setting
Auto airflow start
Auto airflow stop
Ramp Time 0 ~ 60 Minutes
2 line display
On screen review of last night's sleep data
Mask removal alarm
Power failure alert
Sound level <30dB
TGA Registered
Remote sleep data reports (using iCodes)
AC Power 110V~240V
Android App available
iPhone App available

Included Items
Heated Humidifier
1 x BMC Mask of your choice
Water Tank
Hose (6' = 1.8m long)
Power cord
Travel carry bag
Air filter
Spare air filter (1)
Instruction manual
Quick start guide
Sleep therapy software
4GB SD card / memory chip
Nationwide delivery

Optional Extras
Heated hose
Air filter (5 Pack)
Transit insurance




3 Years

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Product Detail

CPAP Machine - Fixed Pressure

  • Entry level CPAP Machine

  • Our best-selling Machine for 8 years running

  • 3 Year Machine Warranty

  • Includes 1 x BMC Mask of your choice

  • Price Includes Express Post Delivery

  • Sleep Therapy Software Included


A proven performer, this entry level BMC Resmart CPAP Machine features constant positive airway pressure which we set for you based on your sleep study prescription or a previous machine setting.

CPAP Machines provide a constant (fixed) pressure for the clinical treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

They need to be set up to your specific pressure requirements, based on your Doctor's Prescription (Script) or existing equipment Machine configuration.

CPAP Machines works by providing a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure into your upper airway via a CPAP Mask to help prevent the airway from closing during sleep. 

Typically CPAP Machines start off at a low initial pressure which then slowly increases to the specified treatment pressure over a predetermined (Ramp) time, which is typically the time it takes to fall asleep. Once the CPAP Machine reaches the treatment pressure it remains there for the remainder of the sleep period. The Ramp button can be pressed at any time during operation to reduce the airflow back to the original starting pressure.

The benefit of CPAP therapy is that by helping to keep your upper airway open during sleep, snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea events are reduced to a level acceptable to your Doctor’s and/or Sleep Physicians.

Patients often report that the effective treatment of OSA significantly reduces excessive daytime sleepiness and a much more restful and deep, satisfying sleep.

Price includes a 3 year machine warranty, one BMC Mask of your choice and Express Post delivery, nationwide.

Transit insurance is optional but for peace of mind, is highly recommended (select during checkout as required)

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Last Updated: 17th August 2018