BMC Resmart Auto CPAP with Humidifier and 1 BMC Mask

$1,547.00  $799.00
Save: 48% off

Now as for the auto cpap machine, BMC type, is also fabulous. I was initially a little concerned as the price was less than half the other device I had been trialling and was thinking of purchasing.

I checked over some blogs on cpap machines and found that there are lots and lots out there. All owners had nothing but praise for the device. So I bit the bullet and got one.

Well, image my surprise that it is better, yes better, than the machine that I had been renting, one of the real expensive jobs. The BMC machine doesn't look as nice and the screen in monochrome, hay, big deal. I didn't buy one to look at, I wanted one to help my sleep apnea. It does precisely that; and the BMC is much quieter than the other brand.
Date Added: 27/08/2014 by Trevor Brown