• Heated CPAP Hose 6\' /1.8m long

Heated CPAP Hose 6' /1.8m long

  • Model: 60110081
  • Brand : BMC



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Heated CPAP Hose 6' /1.8m long

When you breathe out, the warm air from your body will meet the cold air coming in from the room. This may cause condensation to form and may accumulate inside the mask and in the hose. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as ‘rainout’. If you are using a humidifier, this adds moisture to the air you breathe and can contribute to rainout effect in the colder months.

Here are some suggestions to help you get used to your winter CPAP therapy, try;

  • closing the windows at night
  • warming the room, especially near where the CPAP machine is drawing in the air
  • placing the CPAP hose under the bedclothes ( body heat and blanket insulation warm the air flowing through it)
  • always have the CPAP machine/humidifier lower than the bed
  • changing the position of the hose so that any moisture can drain down and back into the humidifier
  • reducing the humidifier setting in winter (adjust as described in your CPAP machine user manual)
  • purchase a hose cover ($30 from us) which will help reduce the rainout

If the above does not help, try this heated hose which is designed to help eliminate moisture build up in the hose.

It may also help take the chill from the cold winter air, but please remember it is not an air warmer.

This is accessory is compatible with all BMC CPAP and Auto machines...

Heated CPAP Hose - 1.8m / 6' long to suit most CPAP Machines

  • Last updated 18th October 2016